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The "Sunshine Club" shines all year long!

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Memphis - Home of the Blues, Soul & Rock and Roll

H.J.C. Bowden Sunshine Club


  • Mission – The Sunshine Club is “to bring sunshine” into the lives of our members in happy

       times and in times of challenges and death. Overall, ours is a mission of Love and Service,

       not only to our members, but to other participants and the H.J.C. Bowden Center as well.

  • The fulfillment of this mission requires the diligence of each member in reporting both their own challenges and those of other members known to them.


We are Compassionate and Helpful.

We are the Sunshine Club!!!!


  • The Sunshine Club meetings are held the 1st Thursday of the Month in the

       Conference Room at 9:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. (No Meetings – July and August)

  • Dues for each member shall be $25.00 per year

  • There are various Offices held by Members

Sunshine Club Contributions

  • Assist Friends of Bowden where needed

  • Donations to Community / Fall and Spring Projects

  • Contributions to Gus Thornhill Youth Scholarship Fund

  • Yearly Fellowship Trip/ Bowden Center Participants and others



This is the Sunshine Club's 20th Anniversary (Founder – Gloria Mixon)

Officers / Carolyne J. Parks, Chair

Jo Mary Taylor, Co-Chair

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