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Thank you for donating!

 Help us continue the "Bowden Legacy of Service" through our service to others. 


Thank you for your donation!

If you wish to mail in a donation,  please include the following in your check memo or  add a note:

Choose one (required) - Designated for:
Bowden Legacy Fundraiser, Accounting Maintenance or Grant Writing Pursuits

Choose one if applicable Referred by which Board Member:
Christina Bowden, Harry Bowden, Maxine Davis, John Herring, Ernestine Hogan, Mary Jackson, Gloria Jenkins, Ollie Manley, JoJean Taylor, Pauline Washington, or Veronica Wright

Mail to:
Friends of Bowden
H.J.C. Bowden Senior Multipurpose Facility
2885 Church St. 
East Point, Georgia  30344
Attention: Veronica Wright

Friends of Bowden does not accept donations through PayPal.

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